Drone Demonstration with Ansvar

Thanks to all members who attended our Drones Demonstration with Ansvar Insurance down at Trumper oval on Thursday, 7th February 2019.

Matt Holland from Ansvar Risk Management Services ran a really informative and engaging session on the work he has been doing over the past few years in developing the Ansvar drone program. We gained a lot of insight into the utility of drones in our industry; from gathering information for surveys during the underwriting stage, to time and cost efficiencies in claims handling.

Matt demonstrated various pre-programmed flight paths that he would typically use in combination with photogrammetry and other laser technology to create 3D visuals and flood/storm maps amongst other output. This output is then used by underwriters, brokers and clients for risk and claims management. During the demonstration, dog walkers in the vicinity watched on, along with LDG members, as the drone flew in various formations across the oval and grand stands at Trumper Oval. We were able to see a live POV feed transmitting from the drone on a screen set up from the flight control center at the fence of the park. After the drone successfully landed, we were taken through the component parts and costs associated with the two drones brought along from the Ansvar aviation hanger. The investment from Ansvar into this program was clear. Due to the sophistication of their technology, they are able to detect 3-4mm tile cracks from a drone height of 70m.

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0053.JPGOnce the drone mission was complete, members congregated at the Four In Hand pub for an informal debrief enjoyed by all.

A massive thanks to Matt Holland and Jenny Bax at Ansvar for supporting this unique event. A big thanks to Matt in particular for passionately sharing his vast knowledge and experience in using drone technology. Matt pioneered the drone program at Ansvar, which has now developed into being one of the most advanced in the Australian/New Zealand risk management/insurance market place.

Finally, a big thank you to our gold sponsor Wotton + Kearney for their ongoing sponsorship making events like these possible and free for our members to attend.





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