Committee Members

TheSELRES_8113bb88-8f03-45bc-9317-bc56bd2513a4SELRES_872d3afd-0e13-4657-920d-1d8eb34a56deSELRES_789d2d2e-28d4-4b86-8d5f-afd81632adf7 Lloyd’s Development Group is managed by a committee made-up up of current MembersSELRES_789d2d2e-28d4-4b86-8d5f-afd81632adf7SELRES_872d3afd-0e13-4657-920d-1d8eb34a56deSELRES_8113bb88-8f03-45bc-9317-bc56bd2513a4.

Please feel free to contact our committee for information about an event, or any other question or query you might have about the Group.


Sophie Lancaster (Steadfast Re)

Vice Chairperson & Treasurer:

Evelyn Synnott (Swiss Re Corporate Solutions)

Vice Chairperson & Public Officer:

Marina Estephan (Lloyd’s Australia)


Tom Harvey (Gen Re)

Membership Officer & Communications:

Emma Clifton (Ren Re)

Lloyd’s Liason:

Evan Ainslie (Lloyd’s Australia)

Trang Ha

Commitee Member:

Trang Ha (Agile Underwriting)

James Kyte

Commitee Member:

James Kyte (Liberty Specialty Markets)

Gerrie Johnson

Commitee Member:

Gerrie Johnson (Munich Re)

Gemma Mackinnon

Commitee Member:

Gemma Mackinnon (Marsh)

Oscar Mark

Commitee Member:

Oscar Mark (AJ Gallagher)

Sara Soares

Commitee Member:

Sara Soares (Liberty Specialty Markets)

Andrew Thomas

Commitee Member:

Andrew Thomas (Sedgwick)

Tanya Waller

Commitee Member:

Tanya Waller (NAB)

Chay Wilkinson

Commitee Member:

Chay Wilkinson (ANA Chartered Loss Adjusters)