Future of Environmental Risk

Thanks to all members who attended our Future of Environmental Risk event on the 5th September 2018 hosted @ Lloyd’s Australia.

A particular thanks to our panelists Karl Sullivan (General Manager Risk, Insurance Council Of Australia), Tim Andrews (Principal, Finity Consulting) and Chris Mackinnon (General Representative and Country Manager, @Lloyd’s Australia) for a lively and engaged discussion centering on climate risk.

Speaker presentations and the subsequent panel discussion canvassed big topics including changes in regional weather patterns throughout Australia, the merits and challenges associated with mitigation, asymmetry of information between insurers and consumers, street-address-based pricing models and the viability of government pools.

enviornmental risk - crowdA big congratulations to Lloyd’s Development Group committee member Evan Ainslie for putting this event together. As always, we are grateful to our Gold Sponsors Wotton + Kearney for their continued support of the Lloyd’s Development Group to provide free educational and networking events to our members.


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