Insurers in Court: A Mock Trial

Insurers in Court, a Mock Trial,’ a joint initiative by the Young Professionals Subcommittee of the Australian Insurance Law Associate and the Lloyds Development Group, was held on Thursday 23rd March 2023 at Banco Court followed by networking drinks at Verandah Bar.

AILA and LDG produce the Mock Trial Event with the intention of giving attendees an insight into Court practice and procedure, including the giving of evidence by witnesses, with the goal of giving industry members the confidence to attend Court when needed.

The Honourable Andrew Bell, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW, presided over the mock trial. Teni Berberian and Nicholas Simone appeared as Counsel for the Plaintiffs and David Talintyre and Ashley Cameron for the Defendant. Dominique Vagi (Hutch Underwriting), Debbi Thorne (Network Insurance Group) and Julijana Sumner (AXA XL) participated as hypothetical witnesses. A huge thank you to all our participants for volunteering their time for this event!

Thank you to our AILA & LDG event organisers: Bre Bailey, Thomas Nguyen, Rebecca Badra, Gerrie Johnson and Gemma Mackinnon.

This event would not be possible without the ongoing support of our Gold Sponsor Wotton + Kearney, and the event sponsor Lander & Rogers. Thank you to Lesley Woodmore (Wotton + Kearney) and Sybilla Waring-Lambert (Lander & Rogers) for attending and speaking to our members on the night.

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